Online or in person, Laurie's workshops attract people who appreciate her humorous, "every-minute-full" style of teaching, as well as her comprehensive handouts. For a complete list of upcoming sessions, delivered once a month, email

She has fourteen programs available for groups of any size, and they've drawn raves from authors ranging from beginners to multi-published veterans. You'll find some of her most popular presentations below, followed by a list of upcoming online workshops. You also can download and listen to excerpts from two of Laurie's best known workshops, Creating Your Hero's Fatal Flaw and Psychology of Creating Characters.

Creating Your Hero's Fatal Flaw
The use of enneagrams, a psychological/personality tool, for developing likeable characters who will naturally come into conflict with each other...and with themselves. Creating plausible external AND internal conflicts based on each of the nine personality types' own "fatal flaw."

Psychology of Creating Characters
A look at the family dynamics, individual priorities, mind/body/heart types and Jungian personality scales that make your characters (and ALL the people in your life) behave the way they do, and how to make the adjustments needed for living "happily ever after."

Making Rejection WORK For You
Dealing with rejection can strengthen not only your writing skill, but also your mental health...with these tips for coping with ANY of life's roadblocks.

For information on these and other presentations, please email Laurie.

Tips From Madison Avenue: The Selling Synopsis
August 1-26, 2011 ($30)

If you've ever had trouble writing a synopsis, here's a hint: pretend you're writing an ad. An advertising copywriter for 25 years, Laurie was amazed to discover that the same skills which helped her sell bikes, bouquets and burgers to the public also helped her sell book ideas to her publisher. Discover how to use those "Madison Avenue" techniques to interest editor and/or agent "buyers" in your product.