Romancing the Holidays Excerpt


      It looked like the matchmaking plan had suffered a severe setback. “I guess,” Kelly muttered as the bartender retreated, there’s no use sticking around.”

      “Right,” Jack agreed, then gave her an almost challenging smile. “I mean, it’s not like we could enjoy having dinner or anything….”

      Kelly swallowed, hoping she looked more relaxed than she felt. “Well, of course we could.” If he didn’t see any reason to be nervous about spending more time together, then obviously there was nothing to be nervous about. Or disappointed about, she told herself. “I mean, we’re already here….”

      “And everybody’s gotta eat someplace. Besides, we can talk about the auto parts campaign.”

      Business. Of course. They could easily get through a twelve-course dinner if they kept the conversation on business, she resolved as the waitress returned to take their order. It wasn’t like she and Jack were headed for a romance just because they’d decided to share a meal. After all, they had already shared countless sandwiches at the office, pickle appetizers last night, and plenty of lunches and dinners with clients.

      Dozens. Maybe even hundreds.

      This was just one more.

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