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And Father Makes Three

And Father Makes Three

Small-town librarian Sarah Corcoran had enough trouble raising her rebellious nephew. She didn’t need Ryan—a man who had seduced her twin sister years ago—making her job any more difficult. Not to mention throwing her sedate life for a loop. Ryan was about to drift back out of town when he encountered Sarah. She was the…

Unexpected Family

She had wanted to give her husband his first child, but it hadn’t worked out that way for Meg McConnell. Now she was opening her home to a boy with Joe’s eyes—a child he’d known nothing about. And though this surprise addition brought her tremendous joy, Meg still longed for Joe’s love. Their marriage had…

Good Morning, Stranger

Mick’s memory had completely vanished, but his instincts were in perfect working order—and insisting he kiss Annelise Brennan senseless. Yet he had to tamp down his desire, for she’d offered him a room at her inn…not a no-strings affair. Without even knowing it, this tender woman smoothed the raw edges of his soul. Still, it…

Home at Last

When Kirsten Laurence’s ex-husband vanished with their three children, her only recourse was to elicit the help of detective J.D. Ryder—a man with whom she’d shared a past and from whom she still kept a very special secret. Though every instinct screamed not to become involved in Kirsten’s plight, J.D. couldn’t turn his back on…
Romancing the Holidays

Romancing the Holidays

Romancing the Holidays contains ten short stories, each set during a different holiday (Valentine’s Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, etc). In “Criscross,” Kelly Hatfield and Jack McCoy are advertising partners. Period. Now they’re planning a campaign to fix up her sister and his brother. And they’re launching it at the party Kelly’s family holds every year…

His Brother’s Baby

Being jilted at the altar by playboy Kenny Tarkington made Lucy Velardi vow to raise her daughter, Emma, on her own. She didn’t need the help of any Tarkington, even her ex’s handsome brother. The undeniable attraction between them wasn’t enough, because what Lucy wanted from Conner was the one thing he couldn’t give—his heart….

Wrong Twin, Right Man

Gangbanger-turned-counselor Rafe Montoya doesn’t want to need anyone…not even his wife. Beth yearns to be needed, because that’s the only area where she outshines her brilliant twin sister. When their annual Sisters Vacation ends with a train wreck which kills one and leaves the survivor with amnesia, Rafe invites his injured sister-in-law home to recover….

Believable Characters: Creating with Enneagrams

“A must-have for all writers — here’s your chance to create deep, well-rounded, flesh-and-blood characters!”Linda Lael Miller, NYT bestselling author This 250-page “how-to” is for writers who want to create plausible, likable characters — each with distinctive strengths and flaws that’ll generate conflict between (and WITHIN) these people. Give your characters the quiz to discover…