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“Intricate characterization, emotional strength, effective conflict and moments that sizzle.” — Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times

“If you are looking for a very well-written, poignant, heart-squeeze of a book, then this book is for you. Keep the tissues nearby, though…you might need them.” — Diane Grayson, The Romance Reader

“Extraordinary, vivid…. Very highly recommended.” — Cindy Penn, Word Weaving

“One of the best 200 books of the past 20 years.” — Romantic Times’ “All-Time Favorites” list


“Laurie not only gives you necessary skills to pitch your work, but gives them to you with wit, charm and style. The warmth in her stories carries through in her workshops.” — Sandra Leesmith

“Even after selling a few books, writing the synopsis still causes me pain and angst (LOL!) so anything that helps is appreciated. Thanks!” — Terri Brisbin

“I learned more from your week than from any other person that we’ve had.” — Rosemary Longworth

“PLEASE keep me informed of any upcoming opportunities to hear you speak on ANYTHING.” — Linda Lael Miller

“Thanks so much for an incredible wealth of information. What a fresh, but extremely logical, approach to writing a synopsis!” — JoAnn Weatherly

“The attendees at your workshop will be happy, because you have so much to give.” — Sandra Marton

“Great stuff! I’ll definitely be using this!” — Shelley Bradley

“Those questions made me think of my hero and heroine in a more three-dimensional way.” — Eden Robins

“A course like this is only as good as the instructor and the information being presented. So give yourself a pat on the back!” — Julie Rowe

“WOW! I just saved your template, and I want you to know that I was so impressed by it, I named the file “awesometemplate!”” — Jennifer Adkins

“What a difficult subject to tackle with us. Thank you so much for your insight, humor and clarity.” — Jaye Goodman

“A fellow author has been raving about (your handouts). She said they worked so well that she plotted an entire book in 2 1/2 days.” — Deb Cowan

“I’ve found myself printing out many of your answers to re-read when I’m stuck.” — Jodelle Brohard

“Your information is great and your style of putting it together easy.” — Pat Warren

“You’re a GOLD MINE! I’ve learned more about writing a synopsis than I’ve learned from any book!” — Kathie English

“This workshop got me out of the creative crisis I was in and allowed me to develop a story that I’m excited about.” — Wendy Douglas

“The most compelling workshop! It made me think about writing the synopsis in a whole new way that makes it more fun.” — Ozma Josefavna

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