Workshop Reviews & Raves

Alpha Males

Always learn so much

Laurie, thanks so much for another wonderful class. I always learn so much about my characters by working through your assignments and lectures.

Dee S. Knight,

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Braiding Your Book

Perfect learning tools

Laurie’s braiding technique has taught me how to close plot holes before they happen. Her concise explanations, examples, and homework assignments are my idea of perfect learning tools and resources for future projects. One of my goals is to become a more efficient writer, and Laurie is helping me to achieve it.

Linda Bradley,

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Very productive

Thank you, Laurie. Your assignments and encouraging individual feedback, reasonable deadlines, and humor throughout the month made the class very productive for me.

Delores Stewart

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

So clear and doable

You are a gifted teacher and make everything so clear and doable. I am so grateful to be in your class, learning at lightspeed!

Jeanette Cameron

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Character Psychology

More three-dimensional

Those questions made me think of my hero and heroine in a more three-dimensional way.

Eden Robins

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

From Plot to Finish

Amazing worksheet

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you, your amazing worksheet, and the generosity of your feedback. I can’t wait to continue the journey with you.

Carol White

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Eye-opening experience

I’ve taken so many classes on character development, but I’ve not connected with the teachings. Your class has been an eye-opening experience.

Danys Castillo

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Perfect Pitch

Incredibly useful

The logical progression from basics to the pitch is incredibly useful.

Kathryn Gandek-Tighe

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Common sense, always gracious

Thank you for your common sense, always gracious, comments.

Karin Sanford,

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Plotting Via Motivation

Help my pantser-side

I can’t tell you how much this class has helped me. It’s really put the motivation at the forefront of my mind as I’m actively writing. I’ve been searching for a plotting class to help my pantser-side cope, and this has been great!

Hollie Smurthwaite,

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Supportive and super helpful

I’m a veteran of this class and I’ll stay and enjoy this class for as many years as Laurie lets me. Every time sees me come up with a great story outline and Laurie’s feedback is always supportive and super helpful.

Tracey Turner Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Helped me figure out a lot

Plotting is usually all trial and error—lots of error—for me. I can’t believe how well this is coming together. Your method really helped me figure out a lot—including how to turn this into a series.

Sharon Michalove,

Sharon Michalove Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Made me think

Thanks for a class that really made me think. As much as I hate thinking, I know it was good for me 🙂 I also enjoyed “meeting” the other writers and hearing about their stories. Looking forward to making even more progress in the next class.

Lisa Trovillion Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Worth the investment

Your courses are affordable and well worth the investment. I look forward to taking future courses.

Linda Nevin Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Eased me back into writing

Thanks, Laurie, for a class that eased me back into the desire to write again after a very long pause. I feel like a lot clicked into place for me during this month, and I can’t wait to continue the story on in the next class.

Linda Fletcher Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Friendly, insightful teaching

I am a huge fan of learning (preferably free), but I will gladly pay for ANY of Laurie’s classes. The homework helps you strengthen and grow your characters, and her feedback is generally spot on. It’s as if she sees the Big Picture. Plus, her friendly, insightful manner of teaching really works for me and provides very handy tools for my writer’s toolbox.

Lisa Cardle Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Clicking into place

I am LOVING this class!! Things are clicking into place. Can’t wait to try to apply it to my current story.

Jenny Watson Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Speed up future books

I enjoyed this class so much. It may be my all time favorite writing class!!! I definitely think you improved my writing process, and will speed up my writing of future books. I’ve been looking at plot for a very long time, and this just clicked and pulled EVERYTHING together.

Jenny Lang,

Jenny Lang Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Awesome class

As always, your kind,  encouraging feedback is greatly appreciated. I’d also like to thank you for yet another awesome class. I needed a solid strategy for plotting. I can see this approach working for me over and over again. (And it’s a darn sight better than my usual winging it!)

Greta Igl Laurie Schnebly Campbell


Your feedback brings me joy!

Donna Barker Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Eye-opening experience

I’ve taken so many classes on character development, but I’ve not connected with the teachings. Your class has been an eye-opening experience.

Danys Castillo Laurie Schnebly Campbell

More in-depth

I really enjoy Laurie’s classes because they are so much more in-depth than just having some information thrown at you. I love thinking through the homework assignments.

C.S. Smith,

C.S. Smith Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Writing a Series

Encouraging touch, and very funny

Thanks for another excellent class.  Your advice/insight/keen eye is (are?) surpassed only by your gentle, enourgaing touch, and very funny signature lines.

Judith Carlough, Deadly Delights: A Savannah Murder Mystery

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Cutting to the chase

What I especially appreciated about this workshop was the way you have of cutting to the chase. I learned how to think about a series from practical writing day-to-day to marketing and overarching publishing concerns. Many thanks and much gratitude for your insight and sharing. And humor!

Elizabeth Wilkerson

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Really made me think

Your assignments really made me think about the trajectory of my series and ask some hard questions about series and character arcs.

Gretchen Meyers

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

A constant reference

Thanks for a great class. I’ve printed off all of your class notes to have as a constant reference.

Syrl Kazlo

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

General Testimonials

Significant value

With every new story–or with every revision–I go back to my notes from your classes. They each have significant value and add dimension to my work, but when combined, they help add yet another exciting and unexpected layer to the story.

Debora Dale,

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Gentle but helpful

I think the world of you and your classes. You teach with a gentle but helpful touch–just as all great teachers do.

Dee S. Knight,

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Fun and relatable

I want to show my appreciation for the tone and caring you show to your students in your classes. The last class I took…was often late giving feedback. We care about what you are doing because you make it fun and relatable.

Beth Schmelzer

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Made me a better writer

Laurie Schnebly Campbell is a big reason why I’m published today. She taught classes that made me a better writer, opening my eyes to the depth and range of what it takes to build a great book. And I’m still learning! I continue to take her classes, once drove to Arizona to hear her speak, and have attended one of her writer retreats with plans to attend more. She’s that good!

Gina Conkle,

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Enthusiasm and encouragement

I love your teaching. You are full of enthusiasm and encouragement and the lessons were just a lot of fun! And I secretly look forward to what you are going to add to your signature line 🙂

Andrea Adair-Tippins

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Learn from someone who’s been doing it

I’ve loved your feedback and encouragement… It’s great to learn from someone who’s been doing it successfully for years.

Shizuka Otake

Laurie Schnebly Campbell


“Laurie not only gives you necessary skills to pitch your work, but gives them to you with wit, charm and style. The warmth in her stories carries through in her workshops.” — Sandra Leesmith

“Even after selling a few books, writing the synopsis still causes me pain and angst (LOL!) so anything that helps is appreciated. Thanks!” — Terri Brisbin

“I learned more from your week than from any other person that we’ve had.” — Rosemary Longworth

“PLEASE keep me informed of any upcoming opportunities to hear you speak on ANYTHING.” — Linda Lael Miller

“Thanks so much for an incredible wealth of information. What a fresh, but extremely logical, approach to writing a synopsis!” — JoAnn Weatherly

“The attendees at your workshop will be happy, because you have so much to give.” — Sandra Marton

“Great stuff! I’ll definitely be using this!” — Shelley Bradley

“Those questions made me think of my hero and heroine in a more three-dimensional way.” — Eden Robins

“A course like this is only as good as the instructor and the information being presented. So give yourself a pat on the back!” — Julie Rowe

“WOW! I just saved your template, and I want you to know that I was so impressed by it, I named the file “awesometemplate!”” — Jennifer Adkins

“What a difficult subject to tackle with us. Thank you so much for your insight, humor and clarity.” — Jaye Goodman

“A fellow author has been raving about (your handouts). She said they worked so well that she plotted an entire book in 2 1/2 days.” — Deb Cowan

“I’ve found myself printing out many of your answers to re-read when I’m stuck.” — Jodelle Brohard

“Your information is great and your style of putting it together easy.” — Pat Warren

“You’re a GOLD MINE! I’ve learned more about writing a synopsis than I’ve learned from any book!” — Kathie English

“This workshop got me out of the creative crisis I was in and allowed me to develop a story that I’m excited about.” — Wendy Douglas

“The most compelling workshop! It made me think about writing the synopsis in a whole new way that makes it more fun.” — Ozma Josefavna

Book Reviews

“Intricate characterization, emotional strength, effective conflict and moments that sizzle.” — Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times

“If you are looking for a very well-written, poignant, heart-squeeze of a book, then this book is for you. Keep the tissues nearby, though…you might need them.” — Diane Grayson, The Romance Reader

“Extraordinary, vivid…. Very highly recommended.” — Cindy Penn, Word Weaving

“One of the best 200 books of the past 20 years.” — Romantic Times’ “All-Time Favorites” list

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